Every day, 53,500 people work with CRI on their journey toward recovery

CRI is a social care and health charity working with individuals, families and communities across England and Wales that are affected by drugs, alcohol, crime, homelessness, domestic abuse and antisocial behaviour.

Our projects, delivered in communities and prisons, encourage and empower people to regain control of their lives and motivate them to tackle their problems.

Did you know?
Every day CRI is working with 53,500 people across England & Wales.
CRI prescribes opiate substitute medication to 15,000 people per day.
We also provide psychosocial treatment for a further 17,000.
All services are aimed at recovery and rehabilitation rather than maintenance.
71% of offenders who entered drug treatment with CRI were no longer offending after 12 weeks.
92% of offenders who completed CRI treatment ceased offending.
Re-arrest rates for CRI criminal justice clients are one-third lower than national averages for similar services.
Services taken over by CRI in the last two to four years are 33% more effective than at transfer.
CRI clients are 20% more likely to sustain recovery for 12 months than the average.
CRI volunteers contribute 250,000 hours of work a year.

Latest news

CRI welcomes THINK!'s 50th anniversary anti-drink drive campaign

The campaign, which is now in its 50th year, has been very successful at changing the public’s perception of drink driving: more than 90% of people now agree that it’s unacceptable to drink and drive, and drink driving deaths have fallen from 1,640 to 230. Read more...

CRI Joint Venture Success in Transforming Rehabilitation bid

CRI is delighted to announce that it has been selected as preferred bidder to deliver rehabilitation services across the Midlands through its joint venture with Ingeus and St Giles Trust – the Reducing Reoffending Partnership (RRP). Read more...

CRI Leeds holds The Art of Recovery exhibition at Leeds Corn Exchange

From 3rd - 9th October Leeds Corn Exchange will play host to ‘The Art of Recovery’, a showcase exhibition of artworks created by people who are affected by addiction, as well as anyone in the criminal justice system. Read more...

Social Care and Health services

Our social care and health services include assessment, information and advice, treatment and referral, and are designed to meet the needs of people who use drugs or alcohol, or are affected by the use of those around them.

Read about our Social Care and Health work

Criminal Justice services

We provide support and treatment for individuals who have been arrested for crimes related to drug and alcohol use.

CRI and Transforming Rehabilition

Volunteer case study

Our volunteers make a real difference

Jaci's story

Jaci volunteers as a Families Counsellor, supporting the loved ones of people suffering from an addiction. She has previous experience caring for an addict and understands how important it is to give family members proper support.

Read Jaci's story

Novel psychoactive substances (NPS), often inappropriately called ‘legal highs’ or ‘research chemicals’ are an important focus of CRI's work.

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